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Take extra care when biking in Baton Rouge


The city of Baton Rouge, like much of Louisiana, was designed with automobiles in mind. Though there are plenty of people who ride bikes to get to school, work, or recreationally, the city streets in Baton Rouge were not designed to accommodate people on bicycles.

In 2018 Louisiana was listed as the second most dangerous city for bicycle riders. Things have not really improved since then. In fact, more attention was cast on the dangers bicyclists face when Councilman Buddy Amorosa, a known cycling enthusiast, was killed by a driver while he was riding his bicycle in West Feliciana Parish.

Why is biking so dangerous in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge is considered auto-centric, which means the main mode of transportation is automobiles. When the roadways were designed, bicycle riders were not taken into consideration.

Over the years, the city has tried to establish biking trails, but the project has been slow to start. Two possible solutions include the East Baton Rouge Pedestrian and Bicycling Master Plan and the Capital Area Pathways Project, the latter of which was approved in 2020. The BREC (a.k.a. East Baton Rouge’s parks and recreation agency) continues to try to find routes where bicycle trails can safely merge with traffic, but it is not easy.

Another problem that spells danger for bicycle riders is that the people driving automobiles are not used to sharing the road with bicycles in Louisiana. Factor in anyone driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and you have a recipe for disaster.

What if I’m injured while riding my bicycle?

If you are injured while riding your bicycle in Baton Rouge, contact an experienced legal guide. They can help create a plan for you to seek reimbursement for medical costs and damages.

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