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Meet Will, a dedicated Baton Rouge police officer, whose routine duty turned harrowing when a drunk driver crashed into his patrol car. Despite severe back injuries that required ongoing treatment, Will’s commitment to service never wavered. In his heartfelt testimonial, Will shares how our compassionate legal team not only fought for his rights but also provided personal care that made him feel like family. Discover how Joubert Law Firm stands as a pillar of support for those in need by watching Will’s full video testimony and exploring more client stories below. 


Discover how Joubert Law Firm transformed a challenging situation into a comforting experience in Misty’s own words. After a severe rear-end collision left her overwhelmed and pressured by claims adjusters to settle quickly, Misty sought the trusted legal guidance of Johnny Joubert. With our Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys’ expert intervention, she was swiftly accommodated, alleviating the stress of expenses without dipping into savings. Watch Misty’s compelling testimony and explore more stories from our satisfied clients to understand why Joubert Law Firm is highly recommended for handling personal injury and insurance claims.

    "Fantastic Staff and Service"

    Johnny and his staff made everything easy to understand and put a lot of effort to care of me not only as a client but as a person.

    - K. Vidrine
    "Professional and Responsive"

    They were professional and responsive to all of my needs.

    - T. Hollins
    "Recommend With All My Heart"

    For them my health was the first priority. I would recommend with all my heart.

    - C. Plesea
    "Absolutely Amazing Team"

    Absolutely amazing team would definitely recommend to anyone!

    - A. Lauri
    "A Wonderful Experience"

    I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Matt Davis and he has always taken great care of my family and I since day one.

    - A. Booker
    "Dedicated to Their Clients’ Recovery"

    I know that if I need anything regarding law services I can call John.

    - C. Fitzgerald
    "Caring and Compassionate"

    Anytime that I have had questions they were always ready with the answers.

    - M. David
    "Amazing and Understanding Attorney"

    I know that Johnny took care of every concern, worry, doubt, frustration and pain I endured in my car accident, I trusted Johnny Joubert from the start and that had never changed I feel like whenever he is fighting on my behalf he attacks it as though he w

    - O. Dixon
    "Straightforward, Consistent and Reliable"

    He has always been honest, straightforward, consistent and reliable.

    - R. Sharp
    "Professional, Caring, and Efficient"

    He was empathetic to my case, and transparent and detailed about every aspect in our pursuit of justice.

    - D. Brown
    "Could Not Ask for a Better Attorney"

    You could not ask for better attorney and team!

    - C. Ward
    "Understood My Situation"

    Most importantly they were down to earth and understood my situation!!

    - C. Jones
    "If I Could Give More Stars I Would"

    I highly recommend John Jacob as your injury Lawyer.

    - L. Ricard
    "Truly Capable Professionals"

    They have all expressed that communication with the firm was timely, they could tell that their cases were being actively pursued, they were constantly updated on progress, and were very pleased with their ultimate outcomes.

    - P. McNamara
    "Best Attorney in Baton Rouge"

    I highly recommend Joubert law firm.

    - A. Nedreberg
    "Very Professional and Helpful"


    - Q. Carter
    "Reputable Lawyer That Cares"

    I has been a very good experience to continue to use this law firm.

    - M. Creaghan
    "Attentive and Responsive"

    I recommend them for anyone needing legal representation.

    - K. Kleinpeter
    "Professionalism, Honesty, Diligence"

    I would recommend this law firm to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney.

    - J. Nguyen
    "Would Definitely Recommend"

    Got through some hard times with his help. Would definitely recommend.

    - N. Fontenot
    "We Are Completely Satisfied"

    They provide the best attention possible to the point you feel you are their most important client.

    - H. Salom
    "They Were a Blessing"

    They were a blessing to my stressful situation.

    - T. Samperi
    "Truly Beyond Amazing"

    Normally I don’t trust or care for lawyers but they have changed my ideas. Thank you and God bless.

    - S. Thompson
    "Went Above and Beyond"

    Everyone I spoke to from the firm were professional, courteous and polite.

    - S. Young
    "Quick and Fair Resolution"

    If, God forbid, we ever need legal advise again, or if we even have a question about the law, we will not hesitate to call Johnny at Joubert.

    - P. McDaniel