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Louisiana Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Strong winds brought by storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can cause extensive property damage for businesses and homeowners. This is especially true for Louisiana residents, as we are no strangers to powerful storms. While you may feel a sense of security knowing that you pay expensive insurance premiums every month to protect against this type of damage, you can’t always be certain that your insurance company will make good on your claim. In fact, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to underpay or outright deny coverage for property damages to your home or commercial property. When this happens, never underestimate the power of an experienced attorney with a background in insurance law. 

At Joubert Law Firm, our Baton Rouge insurance claim lawyers are skilled at navigating the complexities of the insurance claims process. We know what it takes to fight for our client’s rights to fair coverage following significant damage caused by strong winds. If you’re having trouble recovering the compensation you’re entitled to for repairs and replacements after a major storm, our Louisiana wind insurance claim attorneys can help. To schedule a free consultation with the dedicated legal team at Joubert Law Firm, give our office a call at (225) 777-8853 or complete our online intake form today.

Types of Wind Damage

High winds can cause anything from minor damage to a complete loss of your property or personal belongings. It can result in structural damage, broken windows, uprooted trees, damage from flying debris, roof damage, and more. Most commonly, the causes of winds strong enough to create such damage include natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes. Our great state has seen its fair share of both. We’ve seen firsthand the hurricane damage caused by storms like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Laura, and Hurricane Ida, to name a few. We’ve also been subject to a number of tornadoes, many of which have left absolute destruction in their path. 

Other Types of Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Homeowners insurance is similar to car insurance in that you pay a certain amount to your insurance agency to protect against unforeseeable accidents, or in this case, a natural disaster. 

Aside from wind damage claims, there are a number of other specific homeowners insurance claims we handle on a regular basis, including water and flood damage, hurricane damage, and hail damage. 

Water Damage

Many people take out a water damage insurance policy to account for things like leaky roofs, water stains, burst pipes, ice dams, and more.  At Joubert Law Firm, we have helped many property owners obtain the compensation they need to complete the necessary repairs they need following water damage of any kind.

Flood Damage

Believe it or not, water damage claims don’t actually cover flooding, as this is considered a separate event. Property damage claims for floods are specific to causes like heavy rain, hurricanes, storm surges, and other natural events. They cover things like structural damage and damage to personal property.

Hurricane Damage

The last thing you want to have to deal with while dealing with a hurricane’s aftermath is a dispute with your insurance provider. Even while we can track and get ready for these storms before they strike, there is often no way to predict the degree of devastation they will cause. That’s what hurricane damage claims are for. Broken windows, fallen power lines, badly damaged roofs, and uprooted trees are just a few examples of the kinds of destruction that might be left behind. Our Louisiana hurricane damage lawyers fight for the proper funding to fix and replace such harm and ensure our clients get the most out of their hurricane damage claim.

Hail Damage

Louisiana doesn’t see hail very frequently, but when it does, it may cause extensive damage to our property, including damage to our cars, roofs, and other kinds of property. Our Baton Rouge lawyers are ready to defend clients whose hail insurance claims are rejected or inadequately compensated.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I need to pay any money upfront to get my personal injury started?

    No, you will not need any money to get your case started or to initially meet with an attorney. We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless you recover money.

  • What is a deposition?

    A deposition is a statement given under oath, usually done in a lawyer’s office before a court reporter. Witnesses called to testify in a deposition answer questions posed by attorneys representing both parties in a case. The court reporter produces a written transcript of everything said at the deposition and the witness can read and sign the transcript, swearing it to be an accurate rendition of the testimony given under oath.

  • What documents should I bring with me when I meet with a lawyer?

    The more information you are able to gather for your attorney, the easier it will be for your attorney to determine whether your claim will be successful. You should supply any documents that might have a bearing on your case, including, but not limited to, collision reports, photographs and medical records. If you have not collected any documents, do not worry because your lawyer will be able to obtain them.

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Is There a Time Limit to File a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim in Louisiana?

Under Louisiana’s Revised Statutes § 22:1264, the time limit for the submission of proof of property damage arising from catastrophic events is 180 days. However, you should always file an insurance claim as soon as possible after identifying the damage to your home or business. The sooner you can get your claim filed, the better your chance at successfully recovering compensation.

Do Insurance Companies Pay Out for Wind Damage?

Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance policy covers wind damage depends on the language of your policy. While most policies do cover damage caused by high winds, there may be ambiguous language that your insurance adjuster may try to use to deny coverage. A Louisiana insurance claims lawyer can help by analyzing the terms of your policy and determining whether or not wind damage is covered. 

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