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2 kinds of dog bite injuries that cause lasting harm to a child

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Whenever a dog turns aggressive, it can do real harm to humans. When the victims of dog bite attacks are children, the consequences can be particularly devastating. 

Children are more susceptible to dog bite attacks because they are weaker and smaller than adults. They also lack the knowledge and experience with canines to know when a dog’s body language indicates it is unhappy. Their injuries may also cost more than an adult’s injuries to treat. Before you cash an insurance check or agree on a settlement amount, it’s important to consider whether they will be lasting financial consequences for the incident. 

What kinds of injuries may require more assertive negotiations because they have a long-term impact? 

Disfiguring injuries

A child’s short stature makes it easier for a dog to gain access to their chest, neck and face. As a child grows, wounds that might disappear with age on adults can become larger with more pronounced scars on a child. Disfiguring injuries may require repeat medical care, especially for a child with years of growing left ahead of them. 

Broken bones and growth plate damage

A child’s growing body can suffer enormous challenges and setbacks if a dog breaks a bone and causes damage to the growth plate on that bone. Serious medical intervention, including surgery, may be necessary to counter the impact of a dog bite that breaks a bone. A child may have a longer recovery and require more support if a broken bone impacts the growth plate. 

Identifying risk factors that will make a dog bite incident more expensive for your family will help you negotiate a better insurance settlement or decide when to take legal action.

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