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The fatality rate on motorcycles is 29 times higher


You’ve likely heard people say that motorcycles are more dangerous than passenger cars. This is certainly true, largely because motorcycles offer no protection to the rider, but you may find yourself wondering just how big the difference is.

What you’ll find is that it’s rather staggering. For instance, some reports have considered the fatality rates in passenger cars and on motorcycles, and they have found that the rate for motorcycle riders is 29 times higher than the rate faced by anyone else on the road. It is astronomically more likely that a motorcyclist will suffer severe injuries or be killed in an accident, simply based on how often this happens for every vehicle mile traveled.

What can you do about it?

You don’t want to stop riding your motorcycle simply because the risks are high, so what can you do to keep yourself safe? It’s very important to learn how to become a defensive rider. The more you can do to anticipate the mistakes made by the drivers around you, the easier it is to avoid the ramifications of those mistakes.

For instance, you may notice that the driver next to you is texting while driving. So far, they’ve managed to stay in the proper lane, but you feel that it’s just a matter of time until they drift into your lane on the interstate. You’d be best off to slow down or speed up to give yourself a little extra distance. You certainly are not obligated to do so, as you have a right to ride in your lane, but being a defensive driver may help you avoid a wreck.

Of course, there’s nothing that can guarantee you that you will never be injured or that a loved one won’t be killed in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else. If this does occur, you need to know about your legal options.

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