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New bill aims to improve safety on the Basin Bridge


The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is 18 miles long, which makes it the third-longest bridge in the country. This bridge has become infamous for the speeders that traverse it. The design of the bridge, which is actually two parallel bridges, means that traffic can remain backed up on the affected side for hours if there’s a crash.

In 2021, there were more than 269 crashes on the Basin Bridge. There’s been a massive outcry for something to be done to help stop speeders and decrease the number of accidents on the tandem bridges. Louisiana is looking to crack down on speeding on the Basin Bridge by using legislation.

Louisiana-Senate Bill 435

The Louisiana Senate has passed Senate Bill 435, which increases fines for people who speed on the Basin Bridge. The bill has to go through the full House of Representatives for debate. Cameras along the bridge will monitor speed from one end to the other, but some drivers are concerned that people may only slow down when they see the cameras. Regardless, the general consensus is that something has to be done to improve the safety of the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

Making sure that you’re driving safely on the Basin Bridge is critical, but you’re also at the mercy of other drivers. If you suffer from an injury in a crash on the bridge, you may be in for a lengthy wait for medical care to arrive. This could exacerbate the injuries. Seeking compensation from the negligent driver who caused the crash is one way that victims can recover the financial damages they have due to the crash.

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