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3 things to avoid after a car crash

car crash

You might hope that getting help to recover from your injuries after a car crash would be simple. Unfortunately, it is not.

Getting the treatment you need and ensuring you do not have to pay for it is complex, and there are many potential pitfalls to avoid.

Here are some of the things you must not do:

Do not delay getting a medical check-up

However obvious it is to you that injuries are due to the collision, insurers will try to cast doubt on that when they can. If you leave getting a medical check-up until the next day or week, it increases the chance the insurer can attribute those injuries to something else.

Besides that, doctors can spot injuries that you might not. Some, such as internal bleeding or brain damage, can have severe consequences if not caught early.

Do not throw away the paperwork

Even if you go to see a doctor and they say nothing is wrong, keep the paperwork and any receipt. Documentation is crucial to compensation claims.

Do not discard your doctor’s advice

The doctor says you need to take two weeks off work and cannot perform any heavy lifting. Feeling fine after a few days and thinking you will return to the office to check your emails or do a spot of work around the garden could all jeopardize your claim if the insurer catches wind of it.

Gaining a deeper understanding of how the process works will be crucial to your chances of success. Car crash Injury compensation will not land on your lap, so be sure to get legal help to fight for it.

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