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How to protect yourself from dog attacks

aggressive dog

You may have been walking down the street when someone’s dog jumped their fence and came barreling towards you. There isn’t much time to think when a dog is chasing after you. The only thing that you can rely on is your flight-or-fight instincts. 

When facing an aggressive dog you should know how to prepare yourself. Remember: You may not have the option to run – which is often the first instinct people have. Running may not be your strong suit — especially against a born runner like a dog. The next best thing is to protect yourself from serious injuries from a sudden dog attack. Here are some tips:

Shout commands sometimes work

Some dogs are trained to follow commands no matter what mood they’re in. You may find yelling, “Stop!” or “No!” pooves to be effective when trying to stop a rushing dog. This can be an easy way to protect yourself from injuries.

Carry protective spray

The best thing for anyone who walks a lot where there may be dogs is to carry pepper spray. There are many brands of pepper spray and some specific to warding off dogs without injuring them permanently. Simply spraying toward the aggressive dog can prevent them from coming closer and doing serious damage to you.

Know that injuries can still happen

One thing to always remember is that you can still be injured from a dog attack. You might not have the time to react to a dog’s onslaught. You might even be unexpectedly attacked by a dog that was previously known to not be aggressive. 

You may need to seek legal help to recover from your medical bill and lost wages after a dog bite.

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