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3 safety tips to help Louisiana cyclists stay safer this summer


Cycling is popular among fitness enthusiasts and those who don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for gas or motor vehicle insurance. Once someone is a competent cyclist, they can get where they need to go quite efficiently using self-propelled transportation.

Unfortunately, cycling does come with its own set of unique risks. You can easily get hurt while out for a ride without the reinforced body of a motor vehicle to protect you. What are some of the ways that you could reduce your risk of a cycling collision this summer?

Don’t mix cycling with alcohol

Just like alcohol affects your ability to drive a motor vehicle safely, it also has a negative impact on your cycling skills. Cyclists under the influence are more likely to fall off of their bikes and to make unpredictable maneuvers that lead to collisions.

Although you can’t prevent other drivers from getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink, you can at least ensure that you are always alert when you get on your bike.

Invest in gear for safety at night

A lot of cycling collisions take place at twilight or after. The darker it gets, the harder it will be for other people to spot you in traffic.

Especially when you consider that people frequently don’t actively look for bicycles, you can see why your crash risk might be higher when visibility is low. If you can’t avoid cycling after dark, investing in LED headlights and turn signals systems could help you stay safer.

Keep your bike and safety gear in top condition

One of the best ways to limit your risk in traffic is to take control of the elements under your influence. From visibility gear that dulls after multiple wash cycles to helmets that don’t absorb as much force anymore because of brittle, aged plastic, your gear can suffer damage even if you never have an accident.

It’s important that you keep safety gear up-to-date and in top condition in case you get into a crash. You also want to routinely perform maintenance and inspection on your bicycle so that minor issues don’t contribute to performance problems and possibly a crash with a vehicle.

Proactively working toward your own safety will reduce risk of a bicycle crash and protect your rights if you do experience one.

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