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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Automatic emergency braking on trucks could spare countless lives

It’s no secret that distracted driving is a problem, even for commercial vehicle drivers like those behind the wheel of delivery vans, cargo trucks, and big rigs. Could emerging technology in the form of automatic emergency braking (AEB) and forward collision warning systems provide a cure? 2 out of every 5 rear-end truck collisions could be eliminated A new study from the Insurance Institute for

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Baton Rouge Motorcycle Accident Attorney - Joubert Law Firm
Motorcycle Accidents

Why do motorcyclists need to fight hard for injury compensation?

If you ride a motorcycle, you will know the opinion many people have of motorcyclists. Any time there is a motorcycle crash, many people assume the motorcyclist did something wrong. Depending on the style of bike you ride they assume you were either racing, pulling tricks, or addled by drink and drugs. While you might dress like Kenny Roberts, Travis Pastrana, or the cast of

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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians face multiple hazards in Louisiana

While many commuters opt to travel by car, bus, motorcycle, and other forms of vehicular transport, significant numbers of people choose to get around on foot. There are various benefits to this, including saving money, avoiding the stress of traffic, and staying fit and healthy. Nonetheless, getting around on foot does come with some drawbacks. While most journeys are completed without issue, pedestrians can be

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Baton Rouge Car Accident Attorney - Joubert Law Firm
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car wrecks are down in Louisiana, but fatalities are up

The newest information out of the Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety at Louisiana State University (LSU) brings a mixture of good and bad news for residents of this state. The good news is that there were fewer people injured in motor vehicle wrecks in Louisiana in 2020 than any year in history since the state started tracking them back in 1988. The

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Drowsy drivers are putting themselves and others at risk

Drowsy driving is a major problem that is putting people at risk every day. Particularly now, as the days get shorter in the winter and more people are driving when it’s dark, drowsiness plays a heavy role in the number of crashes taking place. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that around 100,000 crashes happen annually as a result of drowsy drivers. Around 1,500

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Visiting friends for the holidays? Talk about the dog first

You love dogs. In fact, you’ve never met a dog you didn’t like (or one that didn’t like you). It’s almost inconceivable that you could actually be in danger from a bite by a dog that’s known to you. However, that’s exactly what could happen this holiday season while you’re visiting friends or relatives. There are roughly 4.5 million dog bites every year, and about

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Delayed symptoms are possible after a brain injury

A car wreck jars the body, especially when it occurs at high speeds. The violent jerking motion that happens in a crash can fling the body around, which is especially problematic for the head and neck. Because of that fact, it’s possible that a person will suffer a brain injury even if they don’t hit their head on anything in the crash. Many injuries will

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The importance of maintaining the headlights on your vehicle 

The engine, tires, and brakes on a vehicle are essential to driver comfort and safety. For this reason, vehicle owners generally take special care to ensure that they are maintained. There are also other components of a vehicle, however, that play a key role in driver safety as well as the protection of others — including its headlights and signal lights. Headlights and signals are especially

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Winter holiday celebrations increase this one driving risk

Children and adults alike look forward to the winter holiday season every year. Family get-togethers and traditions make many people excited about the winter months. Even in the most secular of families, extra time off from school can make the children feel quite excited about the holiday season. Whether you are in charge of your family’s big party or just look forward to your annual

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Are car accidents happening because of hurry sickness?

No matter when you leave the house, do you always have the idea that you’re not going to get to your destination on time? Are you always concerned about deadlines and feeling anxious about arriving late? Do you feel very stressed out if you’re even a minute or two behind schedule? This is a very common way to feel, but it isn’t necessarily warranted. You

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Are pit bulls really more dangerous?

Pit bulls are often considered the most dangerous breed of dogs. Some people refuse to even own them and are not comfortable going over to houses where they are present or having their children go there. But do they actually deserve this reputation? It’s a tricky question, and you can see things from both sides. High bite totals First of all, part of the reason

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Will a sign affect your Louisiana dog bite claim?

Louisiana often gives animals and their owners the benefit of the doubt in a dog bite situation. Louisiana is a “one-bite state,” which means that an owner has to already know their dog is prone to attacks in order to have financial and legal accountability for a bite.  Usually, this rule means that the animal has to have bitten someone once before. Once an owner

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