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The importance of maintaining the headlights on your vehicle


The engine, tires, and brakes on a vehicle are essential to driver comfort and safety. For this reason, vehicle owners generally take special care to ensure that they are maintained. There are also other components of a vehicle, however, that play a key role in driver safety as well as the protection of others — including its headlights and signal lights.

Headlights and signals are especially important as we face the winter months. During winter, drivers typically spend more time driving in the dark, which creates a heightened potential for accidents. Outlined below are some of the key reasons why maintaining your headlights is so important. 

Faulty headlights cause accidents

Every year, approximately 2,500 people are killed while crossing the road at nighttime. In many cases, dirty or faulty headlights are associated with these accidents. Not only do drivers have a moral responsibility to ensure that their headlights are working properly, states often impose a legal obligation to do so. It is probably for the best that all drivers check their headlights before embarking on nighttime journeys. For the sake of a few minutes, many lives could be saved this way. 

The legal ramifications of faulty headlights

Not only do faulty headlights increase the potential for accidents, but there are also legal consequences for not keeping on top of maintenance. The state of Louisiana imposes strict regulations when it comes to headlights and signals. A failure to adhere to the law on such matters could result in fines and other driver penalties. 

Visibility is key in ensuring optimal safety levels in the dark. In the unfortunate event that you have been struck by a vehicle at nighttime, there may be legal options open to you.  

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