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Delayed symptoms are possible after a brain injury


A car wreck jars the body, especially when it occurs at high speeds. The violent jerking motion that happens in a crash can fling the body around, which is especially problematic for the head and neck. Because of that fact, it’s possible that a person will suffer a brain injury even if they don’t hit their head on anything in the crash.

Many injuries will show up at the scene of the crash, but others take longer to appear. Brain injuries might be present right after the wreck, but the symptoms might also be delayed. In some cases, this can be as long as days or weeks after the crash.

What are some symptoms to look for after a wreck?

There are many symptoms that can signal a brain injury after a motor vehicle crash. They may come on suddenly, but they can also appear gradually. Some that you need to watch for include:

  • A headache that doesn’t go away
  • Changes in vision, hearing or smell
  • Inability to communicate effectively
  • Trouble concentrating on tasks
  • Lapses in memory, especially short-term memory
  • Inability to control emotions
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Sudden mood swings, including anger and sadness

Suffering a brain injury in a car crash means that you need medical care. Your entire life might change. While those changes might be temporary, it may take you a long time to get back to normal. For some, learning to understand their new normal is their main focus. Anyone who has suffered a brain injury at the hands of a negligent driver should seek compensation so they can work to recover the financial damages they’re dealing with. Louisiana law only allows a certain time to get these cases filed, so take action swiftly.

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