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Car wrecks are down in Louisiana, but fatalities are up


The newest information out of the Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety at Louisiana State University (LSU) brings a mixture of good and bad news for residents of this state.

The good news is that there were fewer people injured in motor vehicle wrecks in Louisiana in 2020 than any year in history since the state started tracking them back in 1988. The bad news is, somewhat counterintuitively, fatalities were higher than they’ve been since 2008.

The news is the same pretty much everywhere

Nationwide, other communities and states are finding the same alarming pattern in their own statistics.

It’s no secret that the roads were pretty empty of traffic in early 2020. All those wide-open spaces, however, proved to be too much temptation for the drivers who remained. Many of them took the opportunity to flout speed limits – and high-speed wrecks are always more likely to result in fatalities than mere fender-benders.

Experts also say that the same drivers who were racing along at top speed also tended to engage in other risky behaviors, like skipping their seat belts or driving while impaired. Those issues likely also factor into the higher mortality rates seen in car accidents throughout the year.

Data like this is a reminder that you simply cannot afford to take chances out there on the roads. Buckle up, put your phone away, turn down the radio, and obey the speed limits so you know you aren’t contributing to the danger.

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