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Why do dogs chase bikes?

dog running

If you’re out for a bike ride, you know you face a lot of risks. Even if you don’t make any mistakes and crash yourself, you could be hit by another motorist or doored by someone who’s getting out of their car. It only takes a split second for a peaceful bike ride to turn into a catastrophic accident.

But there’s also a risk of getting involved in a dog bite incident when you’re riding your bike. Dogs that are not properly contained in the yard or are not on a leash may chase you on your bike. This could lead to serious bite injuries, and the dog could also knock you off of the bicycle and into the road. In essence, you’re facing two different risks, first from the initial crash and then from any aggressive action by the dog afterward.

But why do dogs do this? Why do they chase bikes in the first place?

The two main reasons

There are two reasons that dogs tend to do this, starting with the fact that they may feel you’ve entered their territory and they’re just trying to protect it. Maybe you’re a bit too close to the yard, or perhaps they’re confused about how you’re moving so quickly.

Many dogs also like to chase. This is an internal reaction due to their position in the predator-prey hierarchy. Something that is moving quickly makes this instinct kick in and they will chase without really giving too much thought about who or what they’re chasing.

No matter what happens, any size of dog can cause a serious bike accident that leads to traumatic injuries. If this happens to you, you need to know how to seek financial compensation for your medical bills and other costs. 

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