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3 places drivers must take extra care to look out for pedestrians

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Have you ever been shouted at by a driver while out walking? Something like, “Hey, watch where you are going” or “ Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

As the one who has the most to lose in a collision with a car, you need to stay alert for your own safety. Yet, if a vehicle hits you, that does not mean it would be your fault. On the contrary, drivers hold an extra responsibility to look out for pedestrians due to the harm they can cause them.

Here are some places where extra caution is needed

If drivers and pedestrians are both alert in the following areas, it reduces the chances the two will come into contact:

  • Parking lots: Drivers rarely reverse when except when parking. Some back into spaces, some out of them. It is much harder for a driver to see what is behind them than what is in front. Combine that with lots of people on foot walking to or from their cars, and it makes for a high-risk situation.
  • Outside schools: There is a high concentration of people on foot outside the school gates. Parents dropping their kids off may also be slightly on edge as they desperately try to grab a parking space. The kids themselves may be so happy to see their friends or get out of school that they are not paying attention to the traffic.
  • At unmarked crossings: Intersections with lights add an element of safety. The traffic is slow and subject to some order. Some of the places pedestrians cross lack controls, and that makes everything more random and less secure.

If a vehicle hits you while on foot, understanding how to hold the driver responsible for fair compensation will be crucial. You need to protect your legal interests right away.

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