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What to know about internal injuries after a motorcycle wreck


On average, riders tend to suffer more severe injuries than occupants of closed vehicles. This is because a motorcycle lacks most of the safety features found on a standard car.

It means that even with the correct gear, there is a chance that you will still suffer injuries following an accident. Therefore, it is important to get cleared by your doctor even if you feel fine. There may be danger lurking beyond any visible injuries.

How common are internal injuries?

Most victims of road accidents end up with these kinds of injuries. Trauma to any body part can cause extensive damage without necessarily breaking the skin, leading to internal injures

Notably, internal injuries do not necessarily manifest immediately after the accident, and it may be hours or days before you start feeling or seeing their effects. The delay in seeking medication is usually perhaps the biggest undoing for many.

Types of internal injuries

The type of internal injuries depends on the affected body part, given that they can occur anywhere. For example, head injuries and fractures are most common among motorcycle accident victims. Other kinds of internal injuries you may suffer are a ruptured spleen, internal bleeding, and damage to organs like the liver or kidneys, among others.

Since you may not know their extent, any internal injuries should be treated as medical emergencies. They could be deadly and potentially fatal, especially if left untreated.

You deserve compensation for your injuries

If you have been involved in an accident with a negligent driver, you need to safeguard your legal rights. Holding them accountable and getting the compensation that covers all the damages suffered is in your best interests.

Remember, the success of your claim hinges on how you handle your case, from the point of your accident to the settlement negotiations.

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