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Getting “doored” by a car is not the only bike accident to avoid

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Using a bicycle for transportation and recreation has become more popular than ever. It can help you save money on gas, it is good for the environment and it helps improve your physical condition.

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, continue putting cycling enthusiasts at risk of harm, often leaving them with severe injuries. If you enjoy riding a bicycle, becoming familiar with the different types of bike accidents can improve your safety.

Beware of these bicycle accident hazards

Most cyclists fear dooring accidents, which occur when the driver of a parked car opens their door into you or your path. These incidents can send you flying over the motor vehicle’s open door, often resulting in head or spine injuries. Other types of motor vehicle-involved accident scenarios include:

  •         Intersection hazards- A driver fails to notice you when turning at an intersection and crashes into you on a crosswalk.
  •         Overtaking and passing- A motorist overtakes you on the roadway and then turns right into or in front of your bike.
  •         Rear-end accidents- A motorist strikes you from behind when you are sharing the same roadway.
  •         Red-light crashes- A driver fails to notice you on their right-hand side while you are both stopped at a light and then turns into your bicycle.
  •         Left-hand strikes- Arguably, this is one of the most dangerous accident scenarios and typically occurs when a driver takes a wide left turn directly into your path.

If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, consider increasing your knowledge of the Louisiana accident and injury laws. When armed with accurate legal information, you will be in the best position to get the injury compensation you deserve.



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