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Grass clippings are a serious threat to motorcyclists


Springtime is here. The nicer weather means that property owners and renters will start to do yardwork. While many people are focused only on making the property look nice, there’s another point that you need to think about

Grass clippings in the roadway can pose a hazard to motorcyclists who are riding down the road. Anyone who’s doing yardwork should ensure that they either bag the clippings or blow them to the middle of the yard. 

Why are grass clippings dangerous?

Motorcycles only have two wheels that touch the ground. This makes it dangerous for the motorcyclist if either one of those wheels loses contact with the pavement. Grass clippings on the pavement are similar to riding on ice, which is dangerous for all vehicles. 

Motorcyclists who are driving around grass clippings will have to try to avoid them. This could mean that they have to drive in another lane, which is dangerous on smaller neighborhood streets. While they’re trying to avoid the grass clippings, they also have to try to check for oncoming traffic so they aren’t struck. This can be difficult to do while driving on a two-wheel vehicle. 

Any motorcyclist who’s suffered injuries due to the negligence of another person may choose to seek compensation. These injuries can be very serious, so they’ll need considerable medical care. This can be costly, but those expenses are included in a claim for compensation. Other damages, such as lost wages are usually part of these cases. Louisiana law has time limits for getting these matters filed, so be sure to act quickly or else you may lose your right to seek compensation. 

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