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Why do some dogs attack joggers?


You run every day to try and stay fit. One of the routes you take leads you through a popular dog park. This is no problem, as you love dogs.

However, you’ve noticed that some dogs don’t take too kindly to you running towards their owners. Why is it that some dogs attack joggers and what’s the best way to protect yourself from this?

Instinctual behaviors

Historically, dogs would’ve had to find, hunt down and chase their prey in order to eat and survive. While this is not the case for domestic dogs today, these instincts are deeply ingrained. That’s why dogs love chasing the ball, frisbees and other toys. The chase stimulates them. It’s sometimes easy to forget, but dogs don’t reason in the same way as humans. They rely heavily on instincts, and their instinct is often to chase. This is one reason why some dogs might come after you on your daily run.

The protective element

Most dogs are somewhat territorial. This instinct can be stronger in some than others. Dogs will commonly want to protect their owners. Many have even been trained to do this. If you’re running toward someone with a dog, the canine might see you as a threat. If you get too close, this may result in a nasty attack.

What can you do?

It’s best to keep a safe distance from dogs while you are jogging. Unfortunately, some attacks are simply unavoidable. If you’ve been bitten, then you have every right to hold the dog’s owner to account and pursue legal compensation.

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