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How does maintenance play a role in bicycle crashes?

bicycle accident

As a cyclist, you are particularly vulnerable compared to other road users. Therefore keeping your bike in optimal condition is crucial.

Here are some points to consider:


You have far less contact with the road than other vehicles as your tires are thinner, and you only have two of them. You are therefore at greater risk of slipping on wet or greasy surfaces. Good traction gives your more chance of staying upright.


While you do not reach the speeds of motorized vehicles, you can still go pretty fast. It is often hard to see the road surface ahead of you because it is covered by cars. Hence if you suddenly see a hole or bump approaching, you might need to stop fast to prevent it from upending you.

It’s not just bicycles that need to be well maintained

All vehicle owners need to keep their rides in full working order to protect their own safety. However, unlike a bicycle, a poorly maintained motor vehicle can do a lot of harm to others, including those on bicycles. Hence car owners need to ensure their tires and brake pads are not too worn and that their brake fluids are topped up. The seconds or milliseconds difference this could make may save a cyclist’s life.

Replacing car brakes and tires is far more expensive than doing it on a bicycle, and some car owners try to save money by eking out tires and brake pads beyond what is safe. If, as a result, they knock you off your bicycle, the cost of your injuries will far outweigh their saving. Make sure you know how to hold them responsible for the bills.

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