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What to do if you encounter a loose dog


Living in a place like Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you likely go on as many walks or jogs as you can. You are bound to notice lots of people walking their dogs – especially around this time of year. 

It might surprise you when you find a dog wandering the sidewalks alone. You may want to catch the dog and return them, but a loose dog can be dangerous. Here’s what you should know:

Keep the dog calm

You don’t know who owns the dog or what type of temperament the dog has. They may look friendly from a distance, but as you approach the dog, they may reveal a more aggressive temper. 

If you see a dog on the same side of the street as you, you should cross the street. This is to create some distance between you and the dog. 

Slowing down your pace can show the dog you don’t mean harm. The last thing you want is for the dog to suddenly think you are playing or — worse — that you are aggressive. A fast pace may cause them to chase you and seriously injure you.

Protect yourself from an attack

If the dog is coming toward you and you have the chance, yell the command “sit” or “go.” A trained dog might do what you ask, but most dogs may be undeterred by the command.

Carrying around an umbrella or a protective spray can help prevent a dog from chasing you. If you start to notice the dog is following you and getting steadily closer, you should not run. The dog might begin chasing you as its predatory instincts kick in, and you aren’t likely to outpace them. 

Knowing how to protect yourself from loose dogs can reduce the chances of getting bit. If you are suddenly surprised by a loose dog attack then you may need to seek legal help that can help cover your medical bills. Dog owners should take responsibility for keeping their animals under control. When they fail, they’re responsible for the damage the dog causes.

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