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Where are the most dangerous places to be on a motorcycle?


Motorcycles are different from other types of motor vehicles in that there’s nothing that separates you from others on the road except for the open air. This would present a big problem if you were to have an accident. If someone strikes your car, then generally, its frame absorbs the impact of the crash before it would ever have a chance to affect you. You don’t have anything protecting you similarly when on a motorcycle.

You might wonder what you can do as a motorcyclist to keep yourself safe on the road. You can be more selective about where you ride. Which two areas are most unsafe for motorcyclists?


Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that at least 56% of crashes occur at intersections. It doesn’t seem to matter whether there is a traffic light or sign present. Accidents most commonly occur here because motorists fail to yield the right of way. As you may suspect, these crashes tend to result in serious injuries for motorcyclists.

City streets

At least half of motorcycle accidents occur on city streets. This happens because they tend to be more narrow and heavily trafficked. Motorists may have very little room to avoid a crash. Stop-and-go traffic may become so monotonous that drivers get distracted. Drivers may also pull out of alleyways, driveways or parking lots blindly or quickly between a gap in cars.

Motorcyclists sometimes forget that they have as much right to operate their vehicle on the road as any other motorist when an accident occurs. If you’re injured on your motorcycle by a negligent or reckless driver, you may be able to hold the motorist liable.

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