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Are pit bulls really more dangerous?


Pit bulls are often considered the most dangerous breed of dogs. Some people refuse to even own them and are not comfortable going over to houses where they are present or having their children go there.

But do they actually deserve this reputation? It’s a tricky question, and you can see things from both sides.

High bite totals

First of all, part of the reason for this reputation is that pit bulls often top the list of dogs that bite the most or at least come very close. They’re also often involved in fatal incidents and attacks. If you just read the statistics, it certainly sounds like pit bulls are the most dangerous.

Low aggression levels

However, studies that have actually looked at aggression levels have found out that pit bulls are not much different than any other dogs. For instance, they tend to have lower levels of aggression than chihuahuas.  This suggests that pit bulls are not actually that mean unless they have been raised improperly.

The fact of the matter is that a pit bull is a powerful, large dog. It may be less aggressive than a chihuahua, but it can certainly do a lot more damage in a situation where it does bite someone. This is also why pit bulls are so dangerous for children because they’re so strong that the children have no way to defend themselves.

Have you or your child been injured?

If you or your child have been injured by a dog of any type, it’s important to understand your legal rights to compensation for your medical bills and other costs. 

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