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Are car accidents happening because of hurry sickness?


No matter when you leave the house, do you always have the idea that you’re not going to get to your destination on time? Are you always concerned about deadlines and feeling anxious about arriving late? Do you feel very stressed out if you’re even a minute or two behind schedule?

This is a very common way to feel, but it isn’t necessarily warranted. You may be suffering from something called hurry sickness. This is defined as a mixture of constant feelings of urgency and high levels of anxiety. It has even been linked to serious health problems, chronic fatigue and high-stress levels.

Declining quality and aggressive driving

Those who study hurry sickness note that it can lead to a decline in quality of work, and they warn against employees doing it when they’re on the job. But the same mindset can be applied to drivers. The quality of driving that someone does may decline if they’re constantly in a hurry, making them more likely to get into a car accident —  and, ironically, more likely to be late.

Additionally, these high-stress levels could lead to aggressive driving, either because you’re already stressed out or because you’re trying to rush and alleviate that stress. You may be more likely to break the speed limit or try to run quickly through yellow lights, rather than stopping. Aggressive driving can also cause accidents.

Have you been hit by another driver?

You may be able to avoid hurry sickness yourself by learning how to cope with it, but it’s very common with American drivers, and one of them could definitely hit you. If you get injured, you need to know how to seek compensation.

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