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Drivers opening vehicle doors are a concern for cyclists


One of the main concerns that cyclists have while navigating different types of roads in Louisiana is drivers opening their car doors unexpectedly, which can lead to severe injuries for cyclists. In most situations, the driver opening the door is liable for the accident. The cyclist typically doesn’t have much warning or time to stop their bike when the door is swung open.

Drivers’ responsibilities

Driving requires safe operation of vehicles while checking the surroundings to look for possible cyclists on sidewalks or the road. When parked, drivers need to open their door slowly after checking for any oncoming cyclists. Doors that are left open require cyclists to spot the hazard in advance, so the driver might not be responsible for a resulting injury.

What to do if you’re hit by a door that swings open

If you’re hit by a car door that unexpectedly swings open while you’re riding a bike, it’s important to contact the police and wait for them to arrive. Never negotiate with the motorist; only communicate to obtain the driver’s information. The police should make a report, and you’ll also want to document the details of the bicycle accident. Collect any evidence that can be used to pursue legal action against the motorist. It’s also important to avoid negotiating with the driver’s insurance company without the help of a legal professional.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re involved in a cycling accident due to a car door that swung open, contact an attorney who has experience in personal injury cases. The legal professional may review the evidence to ensure that it’s used to help the outcome work in your favor. An attorney may even work directly with an insurance company if you prefer to settle out of court.

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