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Grass clippings: Serious danger for motorcyclists


Now is the time of year when Louisiana motorcyclists are out in full force. Whether they’re out on the interstates or cruising through neighborhoods, they deserve to be as safe as possible. People who are cutting grass might not realize that they may be inadvertently putting motorcyclists in danger.

Grass clippings are a big problem for motorcyclists because those clippings are slick and prevent the two wheels of the motorcycle from being able to remain in contact with the road. When it comes to the effect on motorcycles, grass clippings can be as bad as ice. Driving on top of clippings can lead to the motorcyclist losing control of the bike.

Grass clippings in Baton Rouge

It is against the law to blow grass clippings into the streets in Baton Rouge. While this ordinance was intended to help protect the city’s drainage system, it can also help to keep motorcyclists safe. Everyone should ensure that they handle grass clippings appropriately. Motorcyclists should still be on the lookout for these so they can attempt to take evasive action if necessary.

A motorcyclist who comes into contact with grass clippings or who is trying avoid those clippings might be struck by another vehicle. It’s also possible that drivers who are trying to avoid a person who’s cutting the grass might dart into a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the person on the motorcycle may suffer serious injuries.

Any motorcyclist who’s injured in a crash that’s caused by someone else’s negligence should ensure they get the medical care they need. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help offset the financial damages they’re facing. This must be done as soon as possible because Louisiana laws set specific time limits for these cases.

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