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2 safety tips that can greatly improve pedestrian safety


Pedestrians in Louisiana are at high risk for both injury and death. In 2019, the most recent year with data available from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, there were 122 pedestrian fatalities caused by crashes. Another 1,398 people were injured while walking near roads or vehicles.

Many of these crashes are the fault of the person in the vehicle involved. In other words, the pedestrians aren’t the ones who cause these crashes. Even if you can’t prevent all the possible risk factors, there are two safety rules that can help you stay safer when walking in public.

Don’t let distraction put you in danger

Most people know that distracted driving is dangerous, but fewer people think about distracted walking as a risk. Looking down at your phone instead of the area around you might mean that you step right out into traffic. As when driving, if you have to respond to a text message or email, you should stop moving until you finish composing your message.

Pay attention to speed limits and other traffic laws

One of the biggest issues that contribute to pedestrian crashes is that drivers don’t notice them. You can make it easier for drivers to spot you when you follow the traffic safety laws, such as crossing at marked locations or intersections.

Additionally, being aware of the speed of the traffic near you is also important. Traffic speeds over 35 miles an hour drastically increase your risk of a fatality if you get struck. Trying to walk more in areas with lower speed limits will keep you safer on the streets.

Understanding factors that contribute to pedestrian crashes can protect you and the people you love. However, no matter how careful you are, a reckless, negligent or intoxicated driver can still hit you, it’s essential to seek the compensation you need for medical care and other expenses.

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