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Do road gators cause severe accidents?


Travelers may wish to steer clear of Lousiana swamps if they want to avoid alligators, but any time spent on the road might result in problems with a different gator, the “road gator.” No, a road gator is not a unique reptile but an inorganic menace. Road gators are discarded pieces of tires found on highways and roads in the state. The rubber refuse presents an accident risk some may find unavoidable.

Tire bits create hazards on the road

The mysterious tire materials come from big trucks, and they get their name because they look like an alligator’s back. Tractor-trailers and other big trucks are a familiar presence on hot Louisiana highways, and their massive tires face risks of a blowout.

Truck tires are much more durable than what someone would see on a standard car. The thick, heavy material may come with a steel-reinforced construction. When a vehicle runs over a tread, an accident might follow.

Sometimes, a driver could get caught off-guard and not see the treads until the last minute. A nervous reaction may involve swerving out of the way to avoid the tread, increasing the chances of an accident.

Tire care and road gators

A truck’s tire may experience a blowout for several reasons, with low air pressure ranking high on the list. Tire pressure could run low due to temperature changes, a puncture, a slow leak, or the normal process of escaping air. Did anyone check the air pressure before traveling? A failure to do so could lead to a car crash and then a lawsuit filed by an injured victim against the negligent trucking company.

Tires that suffer from age and neglect could also suffer from blowouts. Truckers and trucking companies that don’t maintain tires or other parts could be held liable if motor vehicle accidents result.

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