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Which pedestrians are more at risk to be involved in an accident?


There’s always the risk of pedestrian accidents in Louisiana when pedestrians and drivers share the road. The pedestrians who are most at risk of an accident include children, senior citizens and anyone who is intoxicated. Those who spend time on bikes can also get hit by cars while navigating roads.

Risk factors for pedestrian accidents

Children are often involved in accidents when they play outside, chase friends and run into the street. Elderly adults who spend time outside walking or exercising are also at a higher risk, especially if they’re taking medications that can impair their reaction time. Adults who are intoxicated often have poor judgment when they’re walking and spending time near roads.

How to avoid getting in an accident as a pedestrian

If you want to protect yourself as a pedestrian and avoid getting struck by a vehicle while spending time outside, it’s important to use crosswalks and look for any cars that may be running red lights. Avoid going outdoors if you’re intoxicated to avoid putting your safety at risk. If you’re out drinking at night, limit your consumption and have someone with you who isn’t drinking to ensure your safety.

Children need to be supervised by adults when they play outside, especially when they spend time close to busy streets. Children should spend time in fenced-in areas and learn to look both ways if they need to cross the street. Anyone on a bike should yield to other vehicles and wear reflective clothing to avoid a car accident.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re involved in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, contact an attorney who has experience in personal injury law. The legal professional may be able to help you seek compensation and might work directly with the driver’s insurance company in an attempt to settle outside of court.

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