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The biggest hazards to motorcycle riders


Louisiana motorcyclists hit the road in the early spring and summer to enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle has to offer. While many will take necessary precautions like wearing a helmet and always running with their headlights on, accidents do still happen. By understanding what some of the biggest hazards are for motorcycle riders, they can better work to avoid these hazards and to decrease the number of accidents that happen each year.

Cars waiting to turn

A large portion of motorcycle accidents occurs in left-hand turning situations. Typically, the vehicle driver is unable to see the oncoming motorcycle rider until it’s too late to stop. As a motorcycle rider, it’s important to approach each intersection slowly and to always ensure that your headlight is on. As a vehicle driver, it’s always advisable to look twice before making a left-hand turn.

Last-minute heavy braking

About 70% of a motorcycle’s braking power is applied to the front wheel. This has the potential to make the back of the bike rise and to throw the rider off under heavy braking conditions. It’s advisable to test out the braking potential of your bike in a safe location. Consider upgrading to an ABS braking system to help avoid unnecessary tipping when braking hard.

Loose gravel on the roadway

Gravel is a motorcycle rider’s worst enemy. Just a handful of loose gravel can cause a motorcycle rider to spill the bike sideways. As a rider, it’s important to always assess the roadway ahead of you and to slow down when potential gravel is present. The lower the speed that you’re traveling, the less likely you’ll be to take a spill.

As a motorcycle rider, there are many dangers that are present on the roadway. It’s important that you take these necessary precautions to help reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, not all accidents are avoidable, and you may need the help of an attorney to help fight for the compensation that you deserve after an accident occurs.

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