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At Joubert Law Firm, our legal team is dedicated to ensuring that your insurance company provides you with the money you need to restore the losses and damages you sustained in the wake of a hail storm or other natural catastrophe. Our Louisiana storm damage lawyers assist both residential and commercial property owners who are battling for adequate coverage when insurance companies undercut or reject their claims. Call our office at (225) 761-3822 to arrange a free consultation with a knowledgeable Baton Rouge storm damage insurance claim lawyer, or fill out our online intake form right away.

Types of Hail Damage

Here in the great state of Louisiana, we see plenty of storms. Though hail storms are not as common, they still occur and they can still bring extensive damage to personal property when they do. Some of the most common types of hail damage we see with affected property owners include:

  • Damaged shingles, gutters, and fascia
  • Leaky roofs
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Water damage
  • Structural damage
  • Electrical issues
  • Broken appliances (HVAC systems, generators, etc.)

Can I File an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover property damage caused by hail. However, every insurance policy is different, so it ultimately depends on the unique language of your specific policy. The language in your policy might be difficult to comprehend (this is often on purpose so that insurance companies can use this ambiguity to deny coverage), but an experienced attorney can help by examining the wording of your policy and telling you whether or not hail damage should be covered by your insurer.

Why Might Your Hail Damage Insurance Claim Be Denied?

There a number of reasons that hail damage insurance claims may be denied. For example, if your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover hail damage or if the damage was found to be pre-existing or caused by a lack of maintenance, insurance adjusters may deny claims. However, even if you do have a valid claim, it is not uncommon that it be wrongfully denied. Your insurance adjuster may use what is known as “bad faith” tactics to deny your claim in order to avoid paying out what you are owed.

Some of the bad faith tactics insurance providers might use to avoid having to pay the full value of your claim include the following:

  • Insisting that specific damages were not covered by the policy
  • Claiming certain repairs are “unnecessary”
  • Claiming that the damage was pre-existing or due to a lack of maintenance
  • Delaying the payout of claims on the basis that there are “too many at once”
  • Failing to provide a timely response to your claim
  • Not paying the claim’s full value
  • Asking for a multitude of unnecessary paperwork
  • Claiming there is not enough evidence to support your claim
  • Failing to conduct proper research

If you believe your insurance company used any of these excuses to deny your insurance claim, our attorneys at Joubert Law Firm will investigate your case and fight on your behalf to recover full compensation for your valid claim.

Hail Damage Claim Denied

Other Storm Damage Claims We Handle

Wind Damage Claims

Although it might not seem like wind could cause much harm on its own, when combined with a tropical storm, a tornado, or other severe weather conditions, powerful winds can lead to the need for costly repairs and replacements. High winds may result in anything from relatively minor damage to a total loss of your property or possessions. Roofs, windows, exterior structures and equipment, automobiles, building foundations, walls, and more are all susceptible to wind storm damages. A Louisiana wind damage claim attorney can assist you by reviewing the details of your policy to see whether wind damage is covered by your insurance provider. If so, we’ll make sure you’re fairly reimbursed for any damages you suffered as a result of the strong winds.

Hurricane Damage Claims

Our position in South Louisiana puts us at risk for significant property damage due to hurricanes. Numerous hurricane-related problems can cost property owners thousands of dollars to fix. After submitting insurance claims for damage to their homes or business buildings, our Baton Rouge hurricane damage insurance attorneys help clients who are faced with coverage issues. We put in a lot of effort to guarantee that your legal rights are upheld and that you are treated properly throughout the whole recovery process, from the initial claim filing through negotiations with insurers to even battling in court to obtain the appropriate amount of compensation. 

Flood Damage Claims

Although a lot of people believe flood damage insurance and water damage insurance are interchangeable, that is not the case. Flood claims for property damage are particular to factors including torrential rain, hurricanes, storm surges, and other natural occurrences. Floods can result in considerably more damage than water damage claims alone, which typically only cover things like burst or frozen pipes, water leaks, and water stains, for example.

Flood damage is more specific to things like structural damage and loss or damage of personal property, including furniture, vehicles, outdoor structures, and other personal belongings. In order to ensure that insurance policies cover the damage brought on by flooding, our Louisiana storm damage claims attorneys can help examine the wording of your policy and fight to make sure you are appropriately compensated if flooding is in fact covered.

Hail Damage Claim Denied? Our Louisiana Hail Damage Attorneys Can Help

At Joubert Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping clients recover compensation for the damages and losses they’ve faced. We know what it takes to hold insurance companies accountable and help our clients receive the maximum payout for property damage caused by hail and other natural disasters. 

We are prepared to walk you through the claims process and negotiate with insurance adjusters to come to a reasonable resolution on your behalf. If the insurance company still refuses to pay you what you’re entitled to, we are also prepared to file a lawsuit and fight for you in court. 

To learn more about our legal services or to schedule your free consultation today, call our experienced Louisiana storm damage claim attorneys at Joubert Law Firm at (225) 761-3822 or complete our online submission form here

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