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Summer Safety: A Parent’s Guide to a Safe Louisiana Summer


As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, families in Louisiana eagerly anticipate the summer activities our “Sportsman’s Paradise” state has to offer. However, keeping your children safe during these fun-filled months is paramount. As parents and personal injury lawyers, we understand the importance of prevention. Here are essential summer safety tips to ensure your kids enjoy the season safely and have an unforgettable summer break.

Water Safety: Swim Securely

Summer and swimming are synonymous, but water safety is crucial. Always supervise children closely around water, whether it’s a pool, lake, or the ocean. Consider enrolling your children in swimming lessons, which can significantly reduce the risk of drowning. Equip them with life jackets in natural water settings and ensure pools have secure fencing and self-latching gates. Don’t forget the most important rule when around water: no running!

Sun Protection: Shield Skin and Eyes

Louisiana’s sun can be unforgiving, making sun protection vital. Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to your child’s skin, and reapply every two hours, or after swimming and sweating. Don’t forget wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses with UV protection to shield their eyes and face.

Heat Safety: Stay Cool and Hydrated

Heat-related illnesses are a serious risk during Louisiana’s hot summers. Keep your children hydrated by encouraging them to drink water regularly. Dress them in loose, lightweight, and light-colored clothing. Plan outdoor activities for cooler parts of the day, like mornings or late afternoons, and ensure they have plenty of shady breaks with nourishing snacks and electrolytes.

Playground Safety: Inspect and Supervise

Inspect playground equipment for safety hazards such as rusted or broken parts and unsafe surfaces before letting children play. Supervision is essential to prevent falls and other injuries. Teach your children about safe playground behavior like waiting their turn and using equipment properly.

Insect Protection: Avoid Bites and Stings

Mosquitoes and ticks can turn a pleasant summer day sour and pose health risks. Use insect repellent approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and consider wearing light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Check for ticks after outings in wooded areas.

Travel Safety: Stay Prepared

If you’re planning a road trip, ensure your child’s car seat is correctly installed. Prepare an emergency kit for your vehicle including water, snacks, first aid supplies, and a flashlight. When traveling, keep a list of emergency contacts and familiarize yourself with the local area’s emergency resources.

Your Accident Attorneys

Summer brings endless opportunities for fun and relaxation, but it also requires vigilance to keep our children safe from potential hazards. By following these safety tips, you can help prevent accidents and enjoy a peaceful, enjoyable summer with your family.

For more tips or if you need assistance with any issues related to personal injuries or insurance claims this summer, don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Baton Rouge at (225) 761-3822 or fill out our secure online contact form. Let’s keep our children safe and secure as they make wonderful summer memories!

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