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Spring is Good Time to Brush Up on Motorcycle Safety


With the official start of spring just a few days away, it is never too soon to get the jump on motorcycle safety. Spring is a big time for motorcycle riders to head out on the highways and byways of southeast Louisiana.

Many riders flock to the festivals that abound all over the region in the first months of spring before it gets too hot. In groups and alone, they enjoy the freedom that comes with riding their two-wheelers all over the Bayou State.

Dangers arise in springtime

But motorcycle enthusiasts must also be aware of the enhanced dangers they face on the road in springtime. Four-wheel drivers are less used to watching for motorcycle traffic after a long winter when many riders stayed indoors. Thus, they might not notice when a two-wheeler merges into traffic or advances in the lane beside them.

This, unfortunately, can be a recipe for tragedy.

Make sure your riding skills are still top-notch

Although you can never anticipate every move a driver will make, there are ways to increase your own safety on the road. Motorcycle safety courses are given by the Louisiana State Police (LSP) can enhance your riding skills after a winter of disuse. Since much of motorcycle safety revolves around driving defensively, you could definitely pick up a few pointers by enrolling in these courses.

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident

Surviving motorcycle riders who get into collisions with passenger vehicles can face catastrophic injuries that make their return to normal lives and jobs impossible. These victims can seek civil justice by pursuing claims for damages with the courts. A Baton Rouge motorcycle injury lawyer like those at Joubert Law Firm can help.

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