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When you can’t avoid a motorcycle accident, try to crash safely


Many motorcycle accidents come with no warning. The rider is simply blindsided when a larger vehicle causes a collision. Other times, motorcyclists see that a crash is imminent but cannot find a safe escape.

When you realize that you cannot avoid a motorcycle accident, you can still reduce your risk of suffering catastrophic injuries. The experience of others that have survived severe crashes can help.

Tips for crashing as safely as possible

If you see a motorist about to collide with you or notice an unexpected obstacle, try to remain calm. By staying calm, you can see a lot in those few seconds before the crash. For example, you might see a path of escape or a way to lay the bike down before the collision. Other tips for safely crashing include:

  • Practice evading. When you have free time, practice evasive techniques such as swerving and hard braking
  • Scan ahead. Train yourself to scan ahead for possible danger anytime you operate your bike
  • Intersection awareness. Since most motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, always be extra careful in these areas
  • Safety gear. Protect yourself from severe injury by wearing a helmet, sturdy gloves and boots and other safety gear
  • Crawl away. Once you and your bike are down, remove yourself from further danger by walking or crawling away from the crash scene.

What matters most when unavoidable motorcycle accidents occur is minimizing the severity of possible injuries. These tips could make all the difference in whether your crash results in a minor broken bone or a potentially life-altering brain injury.

If severe injuries occur in a bike crash, learning about the Louisiana injury and accident laws could ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve.

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