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DOT announces comprehensive road safety strategy


The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced a National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) that aims to lessen serious injuries and fatalities on U.S. roads. Among the elements in this comprehensive strategy is a Safe System Approach that includes:

  • Safer People
  • Safer Roads
  • Safer Vehicles
  • Safer Speeds
  • Post-Crash Care

The “Safer Vehicles” portion of this approach involves taking actions that will put more vehicles with improved safety technology and other features on the roads. 

More safety technology and easier-to-find consumer information about it

One of these actions is providing consumers with more information about various vehicle safety features and what they do so that they can make better choices for their and their families’ needs. The DOT also plans to add more safety information to the label that’s placed on the window of cars for sale.

The DOT is also working toward requiring automatic emergency braking (AEB) pedestrian automatic emergency braking on new cars and trucks as well as pedestrian AEB on new cars. The latter is currently less commonly found in vehicles.

Eventually, the goal is to have cars include technology that would prevent impaired driving. Various types of technologies have been in development. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has been strongly supporting work to develop these mostly passive ways of determining if a driver is too drunk to drive.

Having federal government recognition of the number of serious injuries and fatalities suffered by those who use our neighborhood streets, heavily driven roads, highways and interstates is a big step toward preventing them. Making safety technologies more available in vehicles at all price points is also important.

Of course, it’s up to drivers to do their part to avoid distracted and reckless driving. If you’ve been injured by another driver, don’t settle for less than the compensation you’re entitled to in order to cover expenses and damages.

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