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What Are the Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Louisiana?

bicycle accident

Cycling is a favorite hobby for millions of Americans and a favorite mode of transportation for many others. However, cycling can also be dangerous, especially if you are cycling on a busy road or neighborhood. If you are involved in a Baton Rouge bicycle accident that is not your fault, you need to pursue damages through Louisiana personal injury lawsuit.

An accident that involves a motorist and a cyclist can lead to severe injuries to the cyclist. Knowing the leading causes of bicycle accidents can help you exercise caution and prevent these mishaps. Here are three leading causes of bicycle accidents that you should know:


Distraction is the number one cause of most motor vehicle accidents. From texting or talking on the phone to eating, self-grooming and chatting, anything that takes a driver’s focus (mind, eyes and ears) off the road increases the risk of an accident.

Aggressive driving

An impatient driver who switches lanes or weaves in between traffic is less likely to notice a cyclist. Aggressive driving also happens when a motorist fails to keep a safe distance from a cyclist. Without a sufficient buffer, both the cyclist and the driver are less likely to respond to emergencies in time when the need arises.


Alcohol impairs a driver’s ability to respond quickly to a potential disaster. A motorist who is under the influence of alcohol and hard drugs has blurred vision and poor judgment. Additionally, their reaction time is severely inhibited. As a result, their likelihood of causing an accident is much greater than their sober counterparts.

Due to lack of protection, accidents that involve cyclists tend to be devastating. Knowing your legal options can help you pursue the compensation you deserve if you are hurt in a bicycle wreck caused by another’s reckless actions.

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