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Who is responsible for a truck crash?


If an 18-wheeler hits you, you will likely face massive medical bills. Your injuries could prevent you from working for months or leave you with permanent disabilities. It is therefore only right that you get the compensation you need to cover those costs. You should not have to pay for someone else’s errors and their effect on your life.

Finding out why the crash occurred will be crucial to deciding how to direct your claim. Not all truck crashes are the truck driver’s fault — or not entirely so.

Truck accidents may be due to people behind the scenes

Truckers work on the schedules imposed by the truck company that employs them. There is ample evidence linking fatigue with increased crash risk. Yet, many employers continue to work their drivers to the limit, asking them to drive without sufficient rest or time off. Freight companies have successfully pushed the government to ease the restrictions placed on driver service hours. It is the truck drivers and other road users who will pay the price when a tired trucker causes a collision. Therefore it is only right that the truck companies be held accountable for the injuries in such cases.

Poor maintenance is another unseen cause of 18-wheeler crashes. The bigger the vehicle, the more parts there are to maintain and the more vital carrying out that maintenance to schedule becomes. A motorcycle or family car can do a lot of damage when they crash. A tractor-trailer outfit can do a whole lot more.

Claiming the compensation you are due after a truck wreck can be challenging, so it is essential to have help to uncover all the contributing factors that led to your injuries. 

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