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Fatigue plays a significant role in truck accidents


Driving requires total concentration and attention from the person behind the wheel. All it takes is a moment to avert a crash, and if the driver is tired, their reaction time is bound to be slow. Truck drivers, especially, are more prone to fatigue due to their nature of work and are at an increased risk of causing accidents.

Driving while fatigued carries the same danger as drunk driving. As a motorist, you should be wary of the likelihood of an accident when driving near trucks. Moreover, crashes involving trucks tend to be deadlier due to their larger size and weight when compared to passenger vehicles.

Why a truck driver is more likely to be fatigued

It boils down to the working hours and deadlines truckers have to beat. A truck driver may forego their rest in a bid to deliver, which may mean driving for prolonged periods without taking a break. As a result, fatigue is bound to set in, affecting their attentiveness on the road. Cases of drivers falling asleep while driving are common, and sometimes, the consequences may be catastrophic.

While there are laws in place that address truck drivers’ working hours, some truckers choose to ignore these rules, placing them at an increased likelihood of causing a crash.

How can you show that a fatigued driver caused an accident?

If you have been the victim of an accident involving a truck, you may wonder how to show that the driver was fatigued. The driver’s log and working conditions may be a resource to determine if they were observing the legally stipulated working hours. 

If not, you may hold the driver or the trucking company responsible for your accident. It means that you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Being aware of the legal aspects surrounding a trucking accident will ensure that your rights are protected in the event of such a crash.

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