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Dog bites can cause illness as well as injuries to humans


Owning a pet like a dog or a cat is one of life’s great joys. Dogs are wonderful companions that are happy to give their owners unconditional love and affection. Properly caring for your pet reduces the odds of catching an animal-transmitted disease or illness. However, in most dog bite cases, it is not your pet that is a problem.

It is often hard to predict whether a dog is about to attack. Sometimes dogs seem like they are going to bite when they only want to play. Other times, a seemingly calm dog will bite with little or no warning. When bites occur, victims can suffer minor to severe injuries, but bite trauma is not the only danger to humans.

2 severe illnesses that can pass to humans through dog bites

Did you know that several conditions can spread to humans through contact with a dog’s body fluids? Some of these diseases are minor, but two of them could lead to a severe illness in bite victims.

  1. Capnocytophaga. Symptoms include swelling, inflammation, blisters or pain near the bite site. It can also cause vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headache and joint or muscle pain. In rare cases, the illness can lead to gangrene, sepsis or kidney failure.
  2. Rabies. It can take days to months for signs of rabies to appear in humans. Since it is typically too late for treatment by then, always clean bite wounds vigorously and consider seeing a doctor about the bite right away. Rabies in humans is nearly always fatal.

Unfortunately, Baton Rouge dog bite laws are complicated. For example, before they can acquire compensation, most victims must prove that the dog owner could have prevented a bite. When the injury or illness is severe or catastrophic, victims need all the financial resources possible to pay for medical treatment.

A Louisiana injury lawyer can fill a critical role in helping victims prove liability. Knowledge of the law combined with excellent litigation and negotiation skills are vital things to look for when you need a dog bite attorney.

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