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Is it possible to avoid dog bites?


Dogs bites may lead to serious injuries rife with complications. Without thorough cleaning and treatment at a Louisiana hospital, a severe dog bit may become infected. While immediate treatment helps, nothing would be better than avoiding the injury in the first place. Dogs can be unpredictable, and some breeds are prone to aggressiveness. That said, some steps could help with preventing a dog bite incident.

Beware of dogs

Approaching a strange dog, be it a stray or one on an owner’s leash, might not be a good idea. When you don’t know how a particular dog will react to strangers, keeping a distance might be advisable. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that as many as 18,000 dog bite incidents happen each year, with a significant number involving children under the age of two. Small children may not know the dangers of approaching a dog, so adults have to look out for the young ones.

Adults should know not to startle, scare, or threaten an animal. Humans who agitate even friendly canines could be the victim of a dog bite. The bite may leave the recipient with potentially life-threatening injuries, and some incidents end in fatalities.

Owners have responsibilities

Anyone who leaves a small child alone with a dog might be making a tremendous mistake. The same could apply to allowing dogs to roam off their leashes or not properly socializing the animals when young.

Owners that abuse their pets might also create an aggressive animal. Some dogs might never stop being aggressive, even when placed with a new, loving owner.

Dog owners that shirk their responsibilities and do not take steps to protect others from their pet could face liability claims. Gross negligence might lead to punitive damages as well.

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