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Are certain breeds of dogs more likely to bite you than others?


Dogs can serve both personal and practical purposes. They can provide companionship or even emotional support for a traumatized individual. They can guard a business, homes and livestock. They can even entertain humans. 

Unfortunately, dogs can sometimes hurt people if they feel threatened. Many people feel more cautious about certain dog breeds than others. That stigma may translate into landlords not letting certain breeds on their properties or people being frightened by the presence of a certain animal in a dog park. 

Is it true that some breeds bite people more often than others?

Statistics don’t really tell the whole story

Despite how simplistic some people are in their approach to dog bite statistics, the number of bites associated with a particular breed every year does not intrinsically imply that any particular dog breed in question is more violent than other breeds. 

What it does indicate is that certain breeds are more popular, meaning there are more of that kind in households across the country. It could also mean that the way people think of the breed leads to animal mistreatment or even training that encourages aggression. 

An analysis of reported dog bites shows that German Shepherds and Pit Bulls are among the breeds most likely to bite, but so are Cocker Spaniels and Chihuahuas

Ultimately, the breed of the animal involved will have very little bearing on your rights as a victim unless it prevents you from making an insurance claim. Understanding your rights when a dog attacks you or a family member can help you hold the animal’s owner responsible for any losses you suffer.

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