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Will insurance cover your dog bite injuries?

dog bite

When dogs bite people, the injuries they cause can be painful and possibly expensive. Dogs can leave disfiguring wounds that require cosmetic procedures to correct. Their bites can cause significant infections and may sometimes even break bones. Some people develop a fear of dogs or post-traumatic stress after an animal attacks them.

When you or a member of your immediate family suffers a significant dog bite attack, there will likely be expenses involved. Will insurance pay for the costs associated with a dog attacking a person?

The owner’s insurance could potentially pay

The owner of a dog will often be the one liable for the injuries and property damage losses that the animal causes someone else. Provided that the dog’s owner has a liability insurance policy, the person attacked by the dog may be able to make a claim against it. Even if you have health insurance, your insurance company might attempt to subrogate any payments they make to the insurance policy of the dog’s owner.

Both renter’s and homeowner’s insurance will cover medical expenses caused by a dog provided that the insurance company knew about the animal’s presence and had accurate information about the animal, including its breed. In some cases, if the animal’s owner violated the terms of their policy somehow, the company might decline to cover you.

Both those denied coverage and those who cannot make an insurance claim may have to consider a civil lawsuit against the animal’s owner for their medical bills and the other losses. Protecting yourself after a dog bite attack often requires thinking about the practical and financial consequences of your injuries.

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