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Why don’t drivers give cyclists enough room?


One of the common problems that cyclists talk about is that they’re simply not given enough space on the road. When a driver passes them, the driver is likely much too close to the bike. This makes accidents more likely and it can be stressful and concerning for a cyclist, even if they’re not hit.

But why do drivers do this? Do they simply not know that they’re supposed to allow more space? Are they doing it on purpose? Why are you facing these risks if you ride your bike?

Drivers are often simply in a hurry

As you likely know, rushing is a big part of American culture. People are always in a hurry, they always have more to do and it feels like they’re always running behind. Time and schedules are incredibly important, to the point that people will stop doing things that they enjoy simply because the schedule tells them it’s time to move on to the next thing.

This mentality carries over into driving. Many drivers have left the house with just barely enough time to get to their destination. Some of them may already be behind.

This means that, when they pull up behind a bike, they may see that there’s not enough space to pass. But the only alternative is to slow down and wait until a safe passing zone. Some drivers are unwilling to do this and may even see the cyclist as an inconvenience, rather than recognizing the fact that they should’ve left themselves more time to get to their destination. This can lead to unsafe passes as they try to cram their way by.

If you get struck by a motorist while riding your bike and suffer serious injuries, then you need to know how to seek financial compensation for your medical bills and other costs.

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