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How Liability Works After a Dog Bite Attack in Louisiana

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Dogs are among the most popular pets owned in Louisiana, without thousands of households sharing their space with one or more canines. Some people love to have lap dogs in their homes for affection and entertainment. Other people have large dogs for security or to motivate themselves to exercise.

While canine companions certainly bring numerous benefits to their owners, they also create some risk for society at large. Dogs can damage property, maul other animals or even hurt people. When a dog attacks a person, it can cause property damage by tearing clothing or breaking electronic devices. They can cause disfiguring wounds to the face, break bones or leave puncture wounds that are particularly susceptible to infection.

What are the liability rules that apply when a dog attacks a person in Louisiana?

Louisiana has a one-bite rule

Some states impose strict liability rules for those who own animals. Louisiana is a bit more protective of animal owners, as its laws recognize that animals can be unpredictable. Owners are only liable for the damages their animals cause when they know the animal is aggressive before it hurts a person. The law also protects an owner from liability if their animal attacks in response to illegal activity like trespassing or an act of aggression against the animal’s owner.

People refer to this as the one-bite rule because owners can argue that they are not liable if this is the first time a dog has bitten a person. However, dogs that have previously displayed aggression toward people or other animals are canines that people know they should train, restrain or keep away from others.

What if the animal’s owner is liable?

If the situation indicates that the animal’s owner is liable for the injuries of the person attacked, they can potentially file an insurance claim. Homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance will often apply to dog bite injuries. When someone does not have insurance or when the coverage available through a policy is not enough, then the victim of a dog bite attack may want to consider civil litigation against the owner of the vicious dog.

Learning more about the dog bite laws in Louisiana can help you decide the best approach to obtaining compensation.

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