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Why are dog bite attacks against children so common?


Kids and dogs usually love each other. It can be hard for children to walk past a canine without trying to interact with or pet it. Dogs frequently respond to children with enthusiasm, wagging their tails and playing energetically. However, sometimes dogs also turn vicious and bite the children trying to play with them.

Statistics show that boys between the ages of five and nine are five times more likely to suffer a dog bite than other demographic groups. Why do dog bite attacks against children happen so frequently?

Children don’t know the body language dogs use

Most children understand that a growl is an angry sound, but they may not know that a dog doesn’t always growl before it bites. If a child doesn’t know to watch for specific body language in dogs, they won’t spot signs that the dog feels threatened or stressed until it is too late.

Children play rough and move fast

Kids love energetic and sometimes aggressive play. They climb on each other, pull at one another and shriek with excitement. Quick motions, high-pitched sounds and aggressive play can all trigger a dog’s natural instinct for self-defense. Grabbing tails, trying to sit on a dog’s back or just approaching it too quickly could all make the dog feel like it has to defend itself.

Unfortunately, dog bite attacks involving children can have tragic consequences for both the animal and the child involved. The dog could end up euthanized in some cases, and the child could suffer both physical injury and emotional trauma. Understanding what contributes to dog bite attacks can help you respond appropriately if you or your child is injured by someone else’s animal.

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