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Tips for preventing motorcycle accidents


With 80% of all motorcycle crashes resulting in injury or death, it’s important for all Louisiana bikers to take precautions to ensure their safety on the roadway. While you might be familiar with wearing a helmet and not drinking, those are not the only safety precautions you should be taking.

Be mindful of the weather

Many motorcycle accidents happened during adverse weather conditions. While you may not always be able to know what the weather’s going to do, you should take the time to look at the forecast. If there is any notation of potential rain, high winds or other adverse weather elements, it’s a good idea to consider taking another form of transportation. Riding a motorcycle when it’s raining or when it’s very windy can cause hazards for the driver and potentially result in an accident.

Be seen

One of the biggest reasons that automobile drivers give for being involved in an accident with a motorcycle is that they couldn’t see it. Due to the small size of a motorcycle compared to a passenger vehicle or SUV, it’s easy to see why a driver may not see the motorcycle from a distance. As a motorcycle rider, it’s your job to help ensure that you’re seen by others while on the roadway. You can do this by wearing bright colors or putting reflective elements on your bike or clothing. Ensure that you have your headlight on while you’re riding, regardless of whether it’s day or night.

While riding on a motorcycle can provide you with the freedom of the open road and the wind on your face, it can also be extremely dangerous. It’s important to do your part as a motorcycle rider to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

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