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$2,725,000  |  Drunk Driving

While driving a company-owned vehicle and in the course and scope of his employment, the defendant driver crossed the centerline of travel and struck our client’s vehicle head-on. The defendant was intoxicated at the time of the wreck and subsequently was convicted of first-offense DWI. Our client underwent a three-level cervical fusion and suffered memory problems due to the wreck. Due to the significant exposure to punitive damages, the parties settled at mediation for $2,725,000.

$2,000,000  |  Pedestrian Accident

While driving her scooter on a local roadway, our client was struck by a vehicle that failed to yield at an intersection, knocking our client from her scooter. Our client sustained serious and permanent injuries, including an amputation of one of her legs below the knee. We were able to settle this matter at mediation for $2,000,000.

$1,200,000  |  Car Accident

While driving on Louisiana Hwy. 30 in Gonzales, Louisiana, our client, a single father raising his young daughter, was rear-ended, resulting in a three-car pileup. Our client suffered an aggravation of pre-existing conditions in his low back that resulted in the client undergoing a lumbar fusion and then a sacroiliac joint fusion. We resolved the case at a second mediation for $1,200.000.

$755,000  |  Car Accident

While driving on Louisiana Hwy. 73 in Ascension Parish, our client was rear-ended, causing a multi-car pileup. Our client suffered an aggravation of pre-existing conditions in his low back that resulted in the client undergoing a 3-level lumbar fusion. After filing suit, we were to secure a settlement with the defendants paying our client $755,000.

$700,000  |  Medical Malpractice

The client, an 82-year old man with a history of congestive heart failure, was admitted to a hospital for monitoring after an automobile wreck. The client’s children alleged that there was a lack of monitoring during the hospital admission and the patient died of congestive heart failure due to the nurses’ negligence in properly monitoring the patient. Although the patient was found complaining of shortness of breath, the nurses failed to take any action to resolve his discomfort and the patient was found unresponsive approximately 25 minutes later and died.

$700,000  |  Car Wreck

While driving on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge, our client was stopped in traffic when he was rear-ended, causing his F250 to strike the car in front of him. Our client suffered an aggravation of pre-existing conditions in his neck that resulted in the client undergoing a cervical disc replacement surgery. The first surgery caused additional pressure on the next level down in his cervical spine. So, he underwent a second cervical disc replacement surgery. We were able to resolve this case at mediation for $700.000.

$600,000  |  Wrongful Death

In a wrongful death case, we represented a lady who was traveling on a state highway and unbeknownst to her and the motoring public, her lane of travel was converted from one-way traffic to two-way traffic. As our client traveled on the roadway, she was subsequently struck head-on by another vehicle, killing her. We sued the defendants and alleged that they failed to install simple traffic control signs or barriers to warn the motoring public, which would have prevented the deadly crash. At mediation, we are were able to settle the case, with the deceased’s husband receiving over $600,000.

$428,000 | Dog Bite Injuries

Our client sustained a significant injury when a friend’s dog bit her index finger, causing a severe wound that required surgery and resulted in permanent disfigurement. Rather than accept responsibility, the defendants denied liability and claimed our client caused the attack. Injuries from the attack were complicated by subsequent medical malpractice; however, we were able to get our client a combined recovery from the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurer and our client’s doctor for more than $428,000.

$295,000 Motorcycle Accident

While driving his motorcycle on Pecue Lane in Baton Rouge, our client was struck by a driver attempting an illegal u-turn, throwing our client from his motorcycle. Our client, a former US Army paratrooper who underwent four knee surgeries while on active duty, suffered an aggravation of pre-existing conditions in his knees that resulted in the client undergoing bilateral knee replacement surgery. After filing suit, we secured a settlement with the defendants paying our client $295,000, just shy of their $300,000 policy limits.

$131,000  |  Dog Bite Injuries

While walking to her apartment from the parking lot, our client’s neighbor’s dog attacked and bit her, causing significant injuries.  After filing a lawsuit, we were able to secure a settlement in the case with the defendants paying our client $131,000 for her injuries.

Six Figures  |  Boating Accident

A recent maritime collision involved the wrongful death of a recreational jet-skier on a local lake. The decedent’s parents brought a wrongful death action against another recreational boater and used expert testimony to prove that the recreational boater was negligent in failing to see the client, striking the jet-skier and killing him instantly. The parties reached a settlement at mediation, immediately before trial, for six figures.

$75,000 | Dog Bite Injuries

While walking in his neighborhood, our client’s neighbors’ dog attacked him, causing him to fall and suffer severe injuries to his hand.  We filed a lawsuit in State Court, and the defendants aggressively defended this case.  Despite the defendants’ best efforts, we reached a successful resolution to the case and settled for $75,000.

18-Wheeler Accident

The client, a homemaker, sought legal representation from the Joubert Law Firm, APLC, after being rear-ended by an 18-wheeler on Airline Highway near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The firm filed suit on behalf of the client and her husband in State court, which was subsequently removed to federal court in New Orleans. The client, with a history of back and neck symptoms, alleged that the 18-wheeler collision aggravated her underlying condition and submitted expert medical testimony to that fact. The matter was successfully mediated and the parties reached a confidential agreement concerning the settlement amount.

Motorcycle Accident

While driving his own motorcycle in the course and scope of his employment, our client was hit head-on by the at-fault driver, requiring surgery on his skull, elbow, pelvis and knee. The employer and its insurer denied that the client was in the course and scope of his employment. However, the case settled during mediation with the employer’s worker’s compensation insurer paying the client’s past medical expenses and past lost wages and waiving any rights it had to recover any portion of the policy limits paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Motorcycle Accident

The father of two minor children was killed when a public official failed to yield at a stop sign, pulled in front of the father’s motorcycle and caused the motorcycle to “broad-side” the public official’s vehicle. We were hired to represent the two children. Although the municipality initially denied the public official was in the course of scope of her duties when the collision occurred, the case settled for the public official’s private and public insurance limits.

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