By • 05 Nov, 2017

Commercial truck drivers are plagued with the problem of rest.

If they don’t take required rest breaks, they risk causing truck accidents due to exhaustion that compromises their ability to control their vehicles.

But if they do comply with break regulations, they take the risk of not meeting a delivery deadline, which is why some drivers continue to drive even when they are fatigued.

However, there are some methods commercial truck drivers can implement to help them stay awake and alert, which can also help keep roads safer.

Rest Methods Drivers Can Use To Prevent Truck Accidents

Some of the more common methods truck drivers can use to help them avoid truck accidents include:

  • Healthy Eating – truck drivers tend to eat whatever food is available at a rest stop or diner, but those foods are usually loaded with fat and sugar, which can make them sluggish. Drivers should mix in ample amounts of fruits, vegetables and whole grains for more energy.
  • Napping – studies have found that even a 20-minute nap can help the brain’s cognitive function, boost energy levels, and make people more alert.
  • Pulling Truck Over For a Quick Rest – some truck drivers hate the idea of pulling their truck over to the side of the road if they feel tired. But this is a much better option than continuing to drive and risking an accident. As mentioned, even a 20-minute rest can provide the energy boost necessary to safely complete a delivery.
  • Drinking Water – dehydration is a major factor in fatigue, so drinking water will help truck drivers stay hydrated. Drivers should avoid drinking coffee, because caffeine may provide a short-term energy boost, but it also causes dehydration.
  • Listening To Music – listening to music can help keep a truck driver’s mind engaged on something other than his or her exhaustion, and can also help alleviate the sense of isolation that many truck drivers feel. Music is not the only form of listening entertainment, however, as there are also audio books and podcasts that drivers can download and play on their vehicle sound systems.

Recovering From a Truck Accident Injury

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents, and the very nature of truck driving almost assures that exhaustion will continue to plague the industry. A fatigued driver is much more likely to fall asleep at the wheel or lose focus on the road, and both of those things can cause destructive accidents. If you’re facing a long recovery after a commercial truck hits your vehicle, please contact the team at Joubert Law Firm, APLC at 225-424-5399 for a free legal