Fixing Up A Helping Of Gratitude

We all have the power to shape the next generation whether we realize it or not. Jessie Hamilton, a beloved woman who cooked dishes such as red beans and rice, hamburgers and fried chicken for a Louisiana State University frat house for 14 years, recently learned just how much she touched the lives of the fraternity members she encountered during her time at Phi Gamma Delta.

As reported in The Washington Post, Hamilton would “wake up about 4 a.m. each day to catch the 5 a.m. bus to campus. She prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for as many as 100 fraternity brothers at a time.” She acted like a mother to the frat brothers, looking out for them and lending an ear when they needed some motherly advice.

Little did she know that, 30 years later, many of those young men would cook up a scheme to kickstart her retirement.

As featured by Today, “when they found out that their beloved cook was still working two jobs at age 74 to pay off her mortgage, they decided it was their turn to give back to her.” Johnny Joubert and his fellow fraternity brothers organized “Jessie Hamilton Day” on April 3 in Baton Rouge. The capstone of the festivities was them handing her a check for $45,000 to pay off the remaining balance on her mortgage – and then some.

“When we found out she was still working, it was an easy thing to do,” Joubert told TIGER TV. “We said we were going to pay her back for all of the good things she did for us while we were in the fraternity.”