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Following a car crash, it can be worth talking to a lawyer before settling.

Being involved in a serious car accident can be traumatizing. You may be dealing with physical injuries while simultaneously coming to terms with the fact that you nearly died. On top of that, you now have to deal with police reports, insurance claims and other details that may seem comparatively insignificant. When an insurance adjuster offers you a deal to settle your case, it could

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3 types of infections you can get from a dog bite

Whether you are just looking for company at home or a service dog that can help you gain some degree of independence, there are a variety of reasons why you might want to own a dog. However, when they become aggressive, canines can be dangerous. Apart from lacerations and disfigurement, a dog attack can lead to serious infections. Left untreated, some of these infections can

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What are some leading reasons for motorcycle crashes?

Motorcycles are a great way to get around town, commute to your job or just have a good time. Yet along with the joy of motorcycling come significant responsibilities and risks.  Motorcycle riders have to travel alongside cars and trucks, not all of which accord a motorcycle and its rider the consideration they deserve. How dangerous is riding a motorcycle? According to data from the

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3 safety tips to help Louisiana cyclists stay safer this summer

Cycling is popular among fitness enthusiasts and those who don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for gas or motor vehicle insurance. Once someone is a competent cyclist, they can get where they need to go quite efficiently using self-propelled transportation. Unfortunately, cycling does come with its own set of unique risks. You can easily get hurt while out for a ride without the reinforced body

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How to protect yourself from dog attacks

You may have been walking down the street when someone’s dog jumped their fence and came barreling towards you. There isn’t much time to think when a dog is chasing after you. The only thing that you can rely on is your flight-or-fight instincts.  When facing an aggressive dog you should know how to prepare yourself. Remember: You may not have the option to run

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Take extra care when biking in Baton Rouge

The city of Baton Rouge, like much of Louisiana, was designed with automobiles in mind. Though there are plenty of people who ride bikes to get to school, work, or recreationally, the city streets in Baton Rouge were not designed to accommodate people on bicycles. In 2018 Louisiana was listed as the second most dangerous city for bicycle riders. Things have not really improved since

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2 kinds of dog bite injuries that cause lasting harm to a child 

Whenever a dog turns aggressive, it can do real harm to humans. When the victims of dog bite attacks are children, the consequences can be particularly devastating.  Children are more susceptible to dog bite attacks because they are weaker and smaller than adults. They also lack the knowledge and experience with canines to know when a dog’s body language indicates it is unhappy. Their injuries

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The fatality rate on motorcycles is 29 times higher

You’ve likely heard people say that motorcycles are more dangerous than passenger cars. This is certainly true, largely because motorcycles offer no protection to the rider, but you may find yourself wondering just how big the difference is. What you’ll find is that it’s rather staggering. For instance, some reports have considered the fatality rates in passenger cars and on motorcycles, and they have found

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New bill aims to improve safety on the Basin Bridge

The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is 18 miles long, which makes it the third-longest bridge in the country. This bridge has become infamous for the speeders that traverse it. The design of the bridge, which is actually two parallel bridges, means that traffic can remain backed up on the affected side for hours if there’s a crash. In 2021, there were more than 269 crashes on

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3 things to avoid after a car crash

You might hope that getting help to recover from your injuries after a car crash would be simple. Unfortunately, it is not. Getting the treatment you need and ensuring you do not have to pay for it is complex, and there are many potential pitfalls to avoid. Here are some of the things you must not do: Do not delay getting a medical check-up However

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Why are there more car accidents after dark?

Many people, especially when they’ve just gotten their license, will feel a bit nervous about driving after dark. The reduced visibility makes it frightening, and they feel like they’re just not as comfortable as they are during the day. But is this fear warranted? As it turns out, it is. Studies have found that there are a disproportionate number of car accidents, especially fatal accidents,

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Why do some dogs attack joggers?

You run every day to try and stay fit. One of the routes you take leads you through a popular dog park. This is no problem, as you love dogs. However, you’ve noticed that some dogs don’t take too kindly to you running towards their owners. Why is it that some dogs attack joggers and what’s the best way to protect yourself from this? Instinctual

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